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human sadness, julian casablancas + the voidz (2014) / wheatfield with crows, van gogh (1890)


11th dimension, julian casablancas (2009) / at eternity’s gate, van gogh (1890)

 Enheduanna is the earliest author and poet in the world that history knows by name.

Dates: about 2300 BCE - estimated at 2350 or 2250 BCE

The body itself is a thought.
Be as you really are.
Ramana Maharshi (via awakenaslove)


"Khedive" Papaver orientale. Oriental Poppy. (x).

Whatever is done, is done on the stage. Joy and sorrow, life and death, they all are real to the person in bondage; to me they are all in the show, as unreal as the show itself.
[Racism] is the precondition for exercising the right to kill. If the power of normalization wished to exercise the old sovereign right to kill, it must become racist. And if, conversely, a power of sovereignty, or in other words, a power that has the right of life and death, wishes to work with the instruments, mechanisms, and technology of normalization, it too must become racist. When I say “killing, ” I obviously do not mean simply murder as such, but also every form of indirect murder: the fact of exposing someone to death, increasing the risk of death for some people, or, quite simply, political death, expulsion, rejection, and so on.
Michel Foucault (Society Must Be Defended)

Porn Is Not Sex


Every time I make an anti-porn post, I get accused of “shaming people’s sexuality” and/or “shaming sex.” As I have said numerous times, pornography is not sex. We all live in a patriarchy, and the porn industry at large is dominated by men and caters to men; this is true whether or not you want it to be. Pornography is a capitalist product created to meet popular consumer demand. People really aren’t getting what this means, so I’m going to have to get graphic.

That’s your warning: this post contains detailed information about what takes place in pornographic films. Read only if you’re up to it.

The Internet Adult Film Database catalogues information about porn actors and actresses including their biographical information, the videos they’ve appeared in, and the acts they’ve participated in.

Here is the list of porn acts/details you can filter through for porn actresses.


Facial: a male ejaculates on a female’s face
Bald: the actress has no pubic hair
Creampie: a male ejaculates into a female’s vagina or anus
Anal: a male penetrates a female’s anus with his penis
Interracial: IAFD only uses this when white actors/actresses work with black actors/actresses
Swallow: a female swallows semen
DP: double penetration—one male penetrates a female’s vagina while another male penetrates her anus at the same time
DPP: double pussy penetration—two males penetrate a female’s vagina with their penises at the same time
Fisting: a fist is inserted into a female’s vagina or anus
LezOnly: only females perform together
Squirt: a female ejaculates
DAP: two males penetrate a female’s anus with their penises at the same time
MastOnly: masturbation only—the actress performs alone
NonSex: no sex happens
A2M: ass-to-mouth—a male penetrates a female’s anus with his penis and then penetrates her mouth or another actress’s mouth without washing

So, let’s talk about these porn actresses who supposedly love their jobs so much. I’ve picked out some of the most popular porn stars and included screenshots of some of the videos they’ve done.

Tera Patrick



Jesse Jane


Bree Olson




Sasha Grey


Chanel Preston


Brooklyn Lee


Lily Carter


Lily LaBeau


Remy LaCroix


Bobbi Starr


Asa Akira


Joanna Angel


Lexi Belle


DO YOU SEE A FUCKING PATTERN YET? LOOK AT THE ACTS THAT ARE NOTED AND LOOK AT THE VIDEO TITLES. It’s anal, facial, cumswap, creampie, BJ, DP, etc. over and over and over and over again. It’s Asian Street Hookers, Assfucked Sluts, Fuck Slaves, Gang Bang 5, titles that, in ANY other context, would be decried as sexist and degrading to women. It’s the same phallocentric, dick-pleasing, male-serving garbage again and again. And the fetishisation of lesbians for male viewers is disgusting. This is what pornsick men are watching, masturbating to, and this is what young boys start getting into by age 14, give or take a year.

This is not sex. This is not female sexuality. This is patriarchal, misogynistic, and racist trash, scripted by straight white men for straight white men.

Keep in mind that these actresses are just some of the better-known ones, which means that their videos get watched the most, rated the highest, etc. There are many women in the industry who are obscure and earn far less money, and if they’re unwilling to take part in the mainstream hardcore acts, they’re highly unlikely to gain recognition or higher pay.

Acts in adult films, listed here more or less in order of increasing pay, progress from blow job to girl-girl, boy-girl, anal, double penetration, double vaginal, double anal, and gang bang—the lingua franca for an industry whose most prized performance is as mechanical as it is mundane: swallow.

Stop saying that “not all porn is like that.” Stop bringing up “ethical” and “female friendly” porn—NO porn should be unethical or anti-female. Stop accusing me of “shaming” women’s sexuality because sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass by 25 men is NOT female sexuality. It is MALE sexuality. Stop accusing me of “shaming” porn actresses, when I have done no such thing. I criticise the way the industry works, the way it eroticises female submission and female masochism, and the way it affects society as well as women’s status within it. Stop claiming that all or most porn actresses enjoy what they do because you have NO way of knowing that. And even if they do, that doesn’t mean porn isn’t misogynistic. We don’t decide that a certain film or TV show isn’t misogynistic just because actresses agreed to play roles in them. Rape and abuse happen on porn sets all the time, so do be aware of that and acknowledge the fact that, since you can never be 100% sure that everyone has consented to every act in every scene with every person, you just might be watching someone’s rape. And finally, stop throwing temper tantrums at me for “making you feel guilty” for watching porn because if you watch this shit, you SHOULD feel guilty.

Genuine female sexuality is untainted by patriarchy and performance and service to men. We don’t know quite what female sexuality will look like when patriarchy is overthrown, but it will be a hell of a lot better and safer and pleasurable than this nasty, disgusting, dick-centered, heteronormative garbage.

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As my prayer become more attentive and inward
I had less and less to say.
I finally became completely silent.
I started to listen
– which is even further removed from speaking.
I first thought that praying entailed speaking.
I then learnt that praying is hearing,
not merely being silent.
This is how it is.
To pray does not mean to listen to oneself speaking,
Prayer involves becoming silent,
And being silent,
And waiting until God is heard.

–Søren Kierkegaard, quoted by Joachim Berendt in The Third Ear, translated by Tim Nevill (Shaftsbury, England: Element Books, 1988).

Wisdom from our summer 1990 issue on attention.

Photo Credit: Randy P. Martin


Paul-Henri Schaedelin (website / tumblr)